The Unimount

Making life a bit easier for wireless installers since 2010

About Us

Radio Works International Inc. started as a subsidiary of a small WISP in northern Illinois. We started Radio Works because the mounts that were available to us just didn't work well. I really hated it when I heard from more than one customer that our radio was now destroyed and laying on the ground because bad welds caused the mount to break from the wind. I also hated to see rust stains on peoples homes which were caused by the mounts we installed. Times are changing, and being a wisp isn't as easy as it once was. Customers still notice and appreciate quality, I felt the mounts we were using could be better. So together, (installers salespeople and even input from our customers) we developed the Uni-mount. We love it. we use it all the time and I know if you try one you will love them too. So order a box from our order page, you won't be disappointed. 

Here's a video of our product!